We Shut Our Eyes

by Belle-Skinner

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released November 11, 2016

All songs written and produced by M. Brosgol
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Brown at Starling Studios in Saratoga Springs, NY
And Then You Leave engineered by Jesse Bolduc at Nashphone Recording Co. in Queensbury, NY

Photography by Mila Kapustina
Artwork by Felicity Jones from Superior Merchandise Co. in Troy

We Shut Our Eyes: bass by Jesse Bolduc
And Then You Leave: bass by Jesse Bolduc and drums by Jon Cantiello
Desert Waltz: violin by Jahna Stanton
Little Cuckoo Bird recorded on iPhone

Copyright 2016 Belle-Skinner, All Rights Reserved

Thank you to Jesse Bolduc, Vincent Smith, Mila Kapustina, Jon Cantiello, Caitlin Barker, Kevin Melsert, Jason Brown, Jimmy Affatigato, George Saide, Jahna Stanton, Logan Barker, Dan Paoletti, MaryLeigh Roohan, Derek Nakamoto, Alan Rowoth, Becky Jones, Ray Tovey, Terry Champlin, Barry O'Keefe, my friends and fam at DDK, Candy Ambulance, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Apostrophe S, Immaculate Heart, and Russel the Leaf for keeping the dream alive.



all rights reserved


Belle-Skinner New York, New York

Belle-Skinner is an indie-folk artist from upstate NY who writes about weird dreams, mermaids, werewolves, deserted landscapes, and ephemeral creatures.
Kind of like a cross between Joni, Sufjan, Francoise Hardy, Lana Del Rey, and Angel Olsen - she mixes mid-century pop with fingerstyle contemporary folk, and then makes you cry.
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Track Name: We Shut Our Eyes
I always pictured that one day
I would go back to the country
And you’d be there,
And you’d be waiting for me.

And you’d be standing at the doorway
Your figure outlined before me
The TV’s on, but no one’s watching it.

Go play outside
Go play outside
They’re rolling all the blinds down
Don’t pay them any mind.
You seek, I’ll hide
There’s no use in counting time
For you’ll never find.

And now I’m standing at the driveway
I don’t know why it took me so long
I guess that’s why I had the nightmares
Telling me that something was wrong.
And on the door’s a sign
It’s hanging flawless, black and white
I can’t read it ‘cause my eyes keep blurring all of the lines:

“We’re sleeping, dear
We were always waiting here
For you to come—
I’m sorry but we’re not at home.
We shut our eyes
We turned off all of the lights
We rolled down the blinds
I promise you that we’ll be alright.

We’re sleeping dear
We were always waiting here
For you to come
I’m sorry but we’re not at home
We shut our eyes
We turned off all of the lights
We get by when the nightfall’s coming,
But don’t pay it any mind.
We’re sleeping dear
We were always waiting here
For you to come—
I thought you’d known.

We’re sleeping dear
We were always waiting here
For you to come.
We shut our eyes
We’re flawless, black and white
But we’re out of time.”
Track Name: Desert Waltz
Run far away, where no one will find you
Never mind what they say
Leave, leave all of the things that you know will chase you
Don't forget, but don't let them in

And if you go, they'll find you
And if you leave, they'll take you back
Send your letters, but don't look back

Run fast as you can, so no one will chase you
That's the promise that you made
Breathe all of it in, look what surrounds you
There's the sky - don't look behind, don't look behind

And you know that nothing lasts forever
But you don't have to paint it black
Don't say you're sorry, don't take it back

And if you go, they'll chase you...
Track Name: And Then You Leave (Go On)
I saw it coming all along
I asked, you told me: nothing was wrong
But I could see it in your eyes
One look, and it was goodbye
Now you turn away from me for the last time

And then you leave me (4x)

Who thought that life could feel so unfair?
One moment you're beside me, the next you're not there
The truth is hard to take
And soon my heart will be breaking
I knew but I wasn't prepared

That you could leave me (4x)

And every single night, I look through my window
The stars grow colder, and then they fade
And every single light, I hear the wind blow away
As if to say, things change
'til finally I see it's better this way

Go on and leave me..
Track Name: The Double
I looked in the mirror last night
Do you know what I'd seen?
A pale face and pale eyes
Looking right back at me
When I tried to ask its name
I found that I couldn't speak..

Next morning when I awoke again
I kept thinking it was nothing but a dream
But then I turned around and saw myself
And the earth was almost seven' deep
Track Name: City
City, I held your hand in mine
Shadows in fields of fading light
I've got so much to say
But words don't fit anyway

Do I look fair in my sleep?
Will you still be there in my dreams?
I've got so much to give
I don't know how to live
But I'm trying

City I held your hand in mine
Words don't fit what I need
Oh, what the hell is happening?

I've got so much to give
And I don't know what to do with it

I don't know what to do
But I know it's not up to you
Track Name: Siren Song
It’s close to midnight,
And through the leaves
Up through the trees
I’m looking down at you,
Look through to me
Look you to me

I’m maid/made of moon
I took your heart too soon

It’s getting late and I
Am heading in, for a swim
And then you and I
Take off our skin
Slip off your skin

I made a mistake
I hope my heart won’t break
I made a mistake
I hope my heart won’t break….

I’ve seen it all happen before
Turn beautiful to cannibal
I need someone,
I need a reason to keep me
From letting go
I’m letting go
I’m letting go

I’ve seen it all happen before
Turn beauty to an animal
I need someone
I need a reason to keep me
From getting full
You’re getting cold
Already cold to me.

And now we’re slowly sinking,
Deep into the deep lagoon
I fear I’m losing grip
I’m losing you
I’m losing you

I never learn
I never learn….
Track Name: Little Cuckoo Bird
Little cuckoo bird
Why you sitting in the hollow tree?
While you’re singing in the ivy
Don’t forget about me.

Have you ever heard
What they say about the carefree?
Did you ever really care for me,
Little bird, high in your tree?

Little, little one
Only you know what I’m thinking of
I am dreaming of my one true love
When you open up and sing
And all the other birds
They don’t know, they don’t compare with the
Things that you know how to do, you see
Little bird, but do you see…

That my heart is breaking every time
I think of you leaving,
For the night’s are young
Winter’s come
Soon you’ll slip away
How I wish that I could keep you safe
Here in my arms, forevermore
But I know it can’t be so
I hate to see you go.

Little, little one
Only know one thing before you leave
You don’t know how you have cared for me
Every moment that you sing
And maybe someone new
Would be happy if they heard your song
But I pray that it won’t be long
‘Til you come back in the spring

How I miss you more each passing breath
But I hope it won’t be long
‘Til you might come back to me
Sing sweetly.

Little cuckoo bird,
I’ll remember you—remember me,
Though I never could be carefree,
Don’t forget about me.