by Belle-Skinner

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The London EP.


released August 20, 2015

All songs written by Belle-Skinner (M.B.)
Produced/mixed by Rhys Maslen
Mastered by Oli Morgan at Fluid Mastering in London, UK
Recorded at Tech Music School London and Upstate NY
Engineered by Rhys Maslen (1), Patryk Narbut (2 & 5), Amanda Klinthall (3), and Olive Olin (4)

Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals: Maria Brosgol
Drums: Robbie Kuhn, Rhys Maslen (Mother Mary)
Bass: Noah Nelson
Keys: Adrien Pigeat
Trumpet: Patrick Hoff

Photography by Lyudmila Kapustina
Cover Design by Maria Brosgol
JUL 001

A huge thank you to all of my friends and Techies who supported me and my work, to my bandmates, to everyone who worked on the record, to Harry Leckstein who saw my potential at showcase auditions, to Ray Tovey and Becky Jones for their encouragement and advice, to Ida Kudo for her infinite wisdom and creativity, to Vassar College's Fellowship Office and the Maguire Fellowship for giving me this opportunity which changed the course of my life (seriously), and to my mom, for everything.



all rights reserved


Belle-Skinner New York, New York

Belle-Skinner is an indie-folk artist from upstate NY who writes about weird dreams, mermaids, werewolves, deserted landscapes, and ephemeral creatures.
Kind of like a cross between Joni, Sufjan, Francoise Hardy, Lana Del Rey, and Angel Olsen - she mixes mid-century pop with fingerstyle contemporary folk, and then makes you cry.
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Track Name: Mother Mary
Mother Mary, help me sleep
dream the dreams that call from the deep
'though my darling demons reach
and i lay awide awake
and they take all the good that's come to me
and they take all the good that's come from me

Silent rocks the sleepy bough
creature kisses on my brow
no tomorrow here or now
quiet nights and restless sighs
and a million milky marble eyes
and a million marble idol eyes

Who will help me? I am fright
never-ending is the night
can't equate the hate for life
so it burns but only as far as
can go on display like raging stars
and they're all in array like radiant stars

Mother Mary, I am tired
and I'm going out of my mind
help me see the reason why
Make it right, don't let me go
and i never will leave my only home
Make it right, I'll make the most
to be finally free of what was lost
Make it right, don't let me go
And I'll never believe I am alone.
Track Name: Favorite Folly
Riding to Folly Isle/I'll
be driving down to Carolina
South, you see,
I'm gonna make my way to
Folly, oh, follow me
We'll take the long road down to sea-
side, by the quay
Sun-drunken all the day and
We can sleep for hours
Beneath the creeping flow'rs
Where Spanish moss and vine
like fingers intertwine
At last my heart's at ease
My sorrows out of reach
Far fronds of palmy trees
My favorite Folly--

Beach-combing by the bay
Sweet sand and surf that make you
Shine a symphony
Oh, how I'd love to sway in
hammock, in harmony
Eat grits and hominy
and oyster, roasted, fried--
It's like I went and died and
Woke up in heaven's arms
Balmy weather warms
and melts my heart into
the Carolina blue-
est skies you'll ever know
and will forever more
I never wanna go
Away from Folly Shore.


My heart is overflown
I'll never be alone
As long as I can go
Back to my Folly home.
Track Name: Operator
How long before I
can learn to cooperate my body aches?
Hello, Operator:
I need to sterilize
I need to eliminate these body pains

And I can't stand
When I feel

Hello, my name is--
I forgot, but yesterday I knew
Cuz today I'm someone new
I feel much better this way
I'm surviving day to day anew
Every day is something new

And I don't feel
And I don't think

So get away from me
I don't want you here
I don't want you near me now
I don't want you round
I don't need you now
Wait until I'm down
Then you'll bring me down
Then you'll bring me down

And then I wake up
How did I get so very far?
I feel very, very far
And for the first time in months
I remember what my name is--
I don't like it

And I can't stand
When I can't sing
Track Name: The Narrow Line
Is this the place where people go to make peace
and sweetly suffer for their sins?
No matter where i start, I'm on the rack and pulled apart
'TIl I don't know where i end, where I begin
You Don't know what it feels like
To not know anything
Maybe you do, you don't, you do, you don't
So this is why they say the road's a narrow line
Be careful or you'll fall right off the rim.

And one by one, all down a line
They seek to find an answer, a because
People look at me with eyes that burn and i can't breathe
And maybe we're all a little bit blinded by the laws
Do they even know what it feels like
To not know anything, or anyone, or anything, or anyone at all?
Maybe they do, they don't, they do, they don't
So don't look for me, 'cause I'm not here--why should I be?
I have no hands, you know i cannot swim.

Do you even know what it feels like
To not know anything or anyone at all?
And I can't seem to find a difference
Whether I do, or don't, or do, or don't.

Maybe you do, Maybe you don't...
Track Name: Tell Me
You weren't there, when I was here
You didn't care--that much was clear
That, and you just left me all alone
The pain, neglect and emptiness
And you'd forget, but then confess
That sometimes it's too hard for you to phone

Tell me, are we okay or are we not?
Tell me, is it even worth a shot?

I told you once, I told you twice
I pleaded, then to my surprise
I finally could tell you I wanted more
You still pronounced we were alright
And plain refused to make a fight
Is there even something worth fighting for?

Tell me, is it easy to get by?
Are you far too lazy to even try?

It's not working anymore
And I don't think that it's worth it anymore
We're out of time

Tell me, where's the effort that you made?
Problems don't just simply go away

It wouldn't last, not for a bit
We shared the past--and that was it.
You had your chance but now I'm really gone.